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I love to feather the nest, so to speak, along with my husband – who I affectionately refer to as my ‘partner in grime’.

We’re like birds of a feather; I’m the yang to my husband’s yin (hence my blog name and logo). We’re both advocates of repurposing and recycling and often let our ‘finds’ inspire our DIY projects.

Together we’ve been working on our house for almost a decade. We started blogging about our projects to inspire you to feather your own nest…. one room at a time!

Be sure to check out my craft projects, under the Craft Rehab category, too. Craft Rehab is about more than just my addiction to crafts: it aims to put sustainable crafting on the map with creative, fun and easy to accomplish projects that pack a wow factor. While some people eat tuna for lunch and then recycle the tin, I eat tuna for lunch and dream up ways to breathe new lift into it. Sustainability is about maintaining a balance and that’s exactly what I endeavour to do when I use what I have to craft decor items for our home. After all, good planets are hard to find!

While both BOF Home and Craft Rehab are doing a tiny part to maintain an ecological balance by saving the earth from excessive waste, they are also doing their part to maintain balance in me too: renovating and crafting are great stress busters! I hope you’ll try a project or two from Birdz of a Feather to find that out for yourself!

The newest addition under the Birdz of a Feather umbrella is our recipe category, ‘‘The Unknown Chef‘. All recipes featured on our site are gluten free.

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8 thoughts on “About Birdz of a Feather

  1. I just came over from your well written Hometalk post. I see you are even newer than I am, as in just getting started here. I enjoyed your post. And from here shared it on G+. Have a wonderful day.

  2. I stumbled on your blog through the mosaic portrait instructions on Hometalk. By the way – thank you thank you for that; I have been considering something similar for some time, and your wonderful details have energized me and given me great ideas.

    Your blog is wonderful. It is so great that you and your husband work together. Your projects are sophisticated. You explain the process for each clearly – and openly talk about your mishaps and second thoughts. We all have them, but sometimes wonder if it’s just us!

    Your birds of a feather title and theme is beautifully crafted and set. The yin-yang turned into birds is brilliant. I may have to plagiarize the idea some time (suitably altered!)

    What fun to have discovered you.

    A new devoted follower,

    • I’d love to see what you do if you decide to try out a portrait! I’m happy to hear you like the blog. Hubs and I have over 10 years of projects under our belts so it was time to share some how-tos!

      I’m also flattered that you like the ying-yang logo! It was a real labour of love to perfect our visual identity and branding so hopefully you’re only plagarizing our trademark for your own personal use 🙂 We’re actually in the process of having the logo produced for my new studio so if you’re following the blog you’ll soon see the big reveal!

  3. Good afternoon, I’m so glad I’ve found your blog through Hometalk. You’ve done some outstanding projects from small to large and I’m so impressed with your visions and abilities. My husband and I had a very small ranch build over 20 years ago and currently have 2 additions that we added on and after seeing the size of the empty space our ideas for it have changed so much it has sat empty and undone for 2 years. Where do you find your amazing design ideas? Do you hire someone for insight or do you just have to wonderful ability to see the design yourselves? Your Mothers bathroom was gorgeous and I absolutely love the dining room renovation. I couldn’t have thought of that on my own. My biggest fear is later thinking “….”! Why didn’t I think of THAT! I also would love to hear you located in central PA so I could take a classes from you :). Any insight would be great. And keep your amazing projects coming.
    Blessing, Toni

    • Thanks Toni – so nice to hear that you’ve enjoyed our projects. Our ideas were developed over years of trying different things and my Mom’s bathroom was inspired by the materials. We took her shopping with us and asked her what she liked and it all started from the square mosaic tiles; she just loved the colours so I took the cues from that and developed the rest of the colour scheme. A lot of inspiration also comes from looking at other’s ideas on sites like Pinterest to help narrow down what we do and don’t like. We don’t really let fear slow us down with a project because I try to plan everything out on paper first to visualize it. As you’ll see with many of our projects, they take shape over many years in different stages; if we don’t like the decor, we can always repaint. Sorry but we’re located in Canada – your neighbour to the far north 🙂

    • Type ‘water feature’ into the search bar at the very top of the homepage. There is also a search bar in the left column near the top. At least 3 posts will come up – then you can select the one you were trying to find.

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